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Whether it’s digital asset management, content management, or anti-piracy challenges, GLB is redefining the way media & entertainment companies benefit from global services.

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Staying ahead of the curve with our digital advertising, direct marketing and asset management solutions for creative


IDriving efficiencies in digital content distribution and mobile music.


Advancing your game to the next level with innovative customer experience solutions that help deliver efficient, cost-effective.

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Helping studio and entertainment companies accelerate transformation while optimizing legacy business models is one way we.


Learn more about our pre-built solutions and consulting services well suited to M&E companies.

Enabling Content Transformation in the Digital‑Age

GLB ContentWorks facilitates transformation of content ecosystems to address challenges of an increasingly digitalized and global content industry; using Automation, Platforms and Digital.

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Le robot Omeife approuvé au Nigéria

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Un protocole d’accord a été signé le 11 mars dernier entre l'Agence nationale de développement des t...

Village 100% numérique en Guinée

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Un village numérique imminemment attendu du côté de la Guinée. Le budget des travaux  y afféren...


Proven Results from our Broadcasting Clients

The sports division of a major broadcaster needed to consolidate and streamline access to the large volume of content it uses on a weekly basis. We developed a media asset management system that enabled producers to search metadata from a wide variety of sources and review video assets from the desktop. The system has enabled the group to move to HD broadcasting much faster than before.

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